Rob Flitton is a smart, savvy negotiator who haggles every day over major real estate deals throughout the western US. Presently headquartered in Newport Beach, California, Rob is the Managing Director of a major land development company.

He pursues major real estate acquisitions on a daily basis - he tries to figure out how to buy deals at the price he wants to pay instead of for the asking price of the Seller (which he regards as consistently “wrong” or “misinformed”).

Raised as an ardent individual and entirely resourceful being in the semi-wilds of Northern Canada, Rob has been haggling over real estate deals since the age of 13 alongside his father, a real estate developer too. Rob has watched closely how to achieve favorable prices and terms from the most unwilling and stubborn Sellers.

He takes it personally:

If something is worth $1M, and a Seller wants $1.5M, then the ONLY price I am willing to pay is $1M or less - anything more than this is a sort of treason to my bank account.”

You simply cannot hire or retain a better negotiator or negotiation trainer.

In mid-2018 interview Rob did this interview with a well known business podcaster. Rob is presently lining up more interviews, and we welcome you to use the form below the video to schedule him:

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