On the banks of the Seine near Notre Dame 2019

On the banks of the Seine near Notre Dame 2019

Rob Flitton is a shrewd and savvy negotiator who haggles every day over major real estate deals throughout the Western US. Presently headquartered in Newport Beach, California, Rob is the Managing Director of a major land development company.

He pursues real estate acquisitions on a daily basis - basically, figures out how to buy land deals at the price he wants to pay instead of for the price the seller want to receive (he regards the wishes of sellers to often be emotionally-driven, arbitrary, or misinformed - and his haggling skills figure this out).

Raised as an ardent and resourceful individualist in the semi-wilds of Northern Canada, Rob has been haggling over real estate deals since a teenager alongside his father, a real estate developer as well. Making his way to Vancouver BC by his early twenties, Rob found a role with an urban developer buying redevelopment sites all over the city - he watched and learned from the top deal-makers.

An opponent of “splitting the difference” or compromising just to get along, he takes it personally:

If something is worth $1M, and a Seller wants $1.5M, then the ONLY price I am willing to pay is $1M or less - anything more than this is a sort of treason to my bank account or my client.”

You simply cannot hire or retain a better negotiator or negotiation trainer.

Rob Flitton was interviewed in mid-2018 - this is a terrific interview but the content and structure are a little bit different than the present content - enjoy!

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