Rob Flitton is a savvy and highly-trained negotiator who negotiates major real estate deals daily throughout the Western US. Presently headquartered in Newport Beach, California, Rob is the Regional Managing Director of a real estate land development company.

Raised as an ardent and resourceful individualist in the semi-wilds of Northern Canada, at 56 Rob has been negotiating real estate deals since he was a teenager alongside his father, a real estate developer as well. Making his way to Vancouver BC by age 20, Rob then found his way at age 28 to where he always wanted to be … America! In Seattle, Rob was not only able to learn from the top deal-makers, but made his own mark as one of the most prolific real estate developers in the region. He has since acquired and developed major properties throughout Washington State, Nevada, Colorado, and Southern California.

An opponent of “splitting the difference” or compromising just to get along, he takes it personally:

If something is worth $1M, and a Seller wants $1.5M, then the ONLY price I am willing to pay is $1M or less - anything more than this, even if only one dollar, is an unwarranted compromise … so I look for non-obvious solutions and come up with a deal that makes more sense.

You simply cannot hire or retain a better negotiator or negotiation trainer.

Rob Flitton was interviewed in mid-2018 - this is a terrific interview but the content and structure are a little bit different than the present content - enjoy!

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